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Plumbing challenges can cost you on your water charges and in ruin to your house.

When you need professional plumbing services in McMurray, Pennsylvania, look to the local professionals at Kowalski Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Our skilled plumbers handle a variety of resources, from water seepage repair to new equipment installation. Our team will get there in a fully equipped service van reinforced by an in-house parts warehouse. This ensures we’ll be able to get your equipment functioning again quickly.

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12 Reasons Need to Call a Plumber

A few plumbing issues, for instance a leaking pipe, are apparent. Some aren’t as noticeable but have the possibility to impose a lot of damage in your house.

While you could attempt to repair some of these plumbing issues on your own, you could end up making them worse in most circumstances. Professional plumbers have experienced specialized training and have years of hands-on skills.

Here are a a handful of situations that necessitate the assistance of a local plumber like Kowalski Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.


Water Drips


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1. Leaking Pipes

In the winter, water can freeze inside your pipes and cause them to break. A leaking pipe can cause water overflow and sizable water damage in your house if it’s not repaired promptly.

If you have found a leaking pipe, the initial step is to shut off your house’s water supply. You’ll complete this at the main water shutoff valve, which is usually located in your utility area or basement. Rotating the valve clockwise will cut off the water.

Then reach out to our pros at 724-370-0141 immediately. If it’s behind a wall, in your lawn or beneath your home’s foundation, we’ll be able to find the burst pipe and mend it fast.

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2. Water Dues Are Rising

If you aren’t using additional water than typical and your fee increases two-fold, there’s a good chance you have a water leak. Sometimes your bill will go up just a little bit. It’s more difficult to detect but will typically become more evident as the leak gets larger.

It can be tough to find a water leak without professional help. Although you can inspect your water meter to figure out if the leak is in or out of your home.

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3. Mold is Developing on Walls, Ceilings or Floors

A small amount of mildew is normal in humid spaces like bathrooms. Although it’s not normal to discover big quantities accumulating on a non-shower wall, the ceiling or floorboards, especially if these areas feel flexible to the touch.

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4. Walls, Ceiling or Floors are Decaying

A leaky pipe can make walls, ceilings and floors to feel flexible or droop. It may also leave water spots on spaces.

These issues can happen in spaces with bad ventilation or high humidity. Yet it is particularly problematic if you are enduring other signs of a leaky pipe, like odd fungus-like smells.

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5. Mildew Smell

Standing water can make a room smell stale. If the room also has damp walls or floors, you may have a water issue.


Different Plumbing Problems


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6. Backflow Inside Your Sink or Toilet

Your fittings can back up sewer water and cause ruin when the water compression lowers in your house. This may be caused by a damaged backflow preventer, sewer line deterioration or other city challenges. Call us at 724-370-0141 at the initial indication of backflow and our experts will get it fixed quickly.

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7. Water Pressure is Poor

A variety of items can be going on when your water pressure is low. There could be a clog in your sink. It may also be caused by a malfunctioning hot water tank or a broken pipe.

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8. There’s Never Enough Hot Water

If you have a boiler with a tank, it has a finite space for hot water. If you’re enduring cold water when you haven’t used much hot water, something may be wrong. Your water heater could be not watertight, in need or repair or need to be changed.

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9. Sink or Shower Drains Slowly

A clog is most likely to blame when your sink or shower drains too slowly. We’ll use a unique instrument similar to a drain snake to unclog and get your sink and shower draining efficiently again.

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10. Toilet Is Continually Running

If your toilet’s tank seal fails, it will signal the tank to continue refilling. A toilet that keeps refilling can quickly drive up your water dues.

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11. Water is Discolored

Your water should be see-through.

Don’t have concern if the liquid comes out off-color once in a while, as this usually just means there’s air in the water store. If you find particles settling at the base of your glass, we suggest you have your water tank checked.

Water that’s any other color can be harmful to your well-being. Listed are a variety of issues that can cause your water to be discolored:

  • Brown, red or yellow—This is typically the result of a water main break in your area. It could also mean your pipes are deteriorated.
  • Green or blue—This is especially serious, since it means your pipes are most likely decaying. Your water can taste metallic or bitter on account of a high amount of copper or lead. Long-term exposure has been connected to major health issues in adults and children, like intestinal illnesses, cancer and seizures.

If you’re observing discolored water or particles in your water, connect with us at 724-370-0141 and our experts will determine the problem.

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12. Pipes are Making Odd Sounds

It isn’t typical to hear knocking bangs in your plumbing system while running water. This means your pipes may be unsecured or could be close to dripping.

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